India is one among the world’s top 10 Manufacturing Nations. Also, Indian Automotive Industries are the best in World. We, to extend our support towards one of the best things in the World, moved our interest towards the niche technologies like Digital Twin, Industry 4.0, Machine Learning on the application of which, would make the production efficient, easier and profitable. We are capable of getting Machine Connectivity of any family, through CNCs, PLCs. Our team has expertise in development of SCADA, Automation techniques, Integration of PLCs’, MES, Plant ERPs’ and such.

Digital Shopfloor

A manufacturing plant that has shop floors or production lines, where all the products get machined, assembled by series of the Machines. These machines or production lines are controlled manually by the operators, line men without any recording.

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Plant ERP Solutions

Manufacturing plants with beautiful API’s integrated to machines in the shop floor, ensuring no human intervention expected right from the Purchase Order stage till the dispatch.

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Machine Health Monitoring

To monitor a Machine for its performance, maintenance update, its MTBF – Mean Time Before Failure.

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