To monitor a Machine for its performance, maintenance update, its MTBF – Mean Time Before Failure

As we know, Voltage and Current consumptions are the most critical parameters that are to be considered while it comes down to Maintenance and Monitoring. These parameters are sensed by using different types of Industrial grade sensors integrated to high quality Data Acquisition devices, ensuring 0% data loss.

We use other peripheral sensors and systems integrated to the machine or the induction motor to monitor several other critical parameters like pressure, temperature, Vibration and such. We have field expertise, which is highly needed for these kinds of work. The sensors and the systems that we provide are industrial graded, built for drastic conditions, rigid and firm which withstands high temperature, highly humid conditions. We have integration expertise also, these sensors mounting needs high expertise in finalizing the positions to be mounted, getting the finalized place ready to be mounted and such.

This is followed by Data Validation, Data Acquisition and Data Analysis to predict the future breakdown in the very present itself. The huge amount of data incoming, gets validated and gets stored in our database, where our Analytics product runs to sample all the data for a specific amount of time, upon which many optimized simulations runs to predict the future breakdown point.The Machine Health Monitoring also includes Tool life monitoring, which predicts when can a tool fail, when can its efficiency fall.