Automated waste water management system

The Discharge of untreated seepage is a major health hazard in countries that lack sewer systems and centralized sewage treatment. Small scale, point source treatment units are needed for water treatment and disinfection due to the distributed nature of this discharge. In this system, a high rate wetland connected with an electrochemical system was developed and demonstrated to treat seepage at full scale, along with remote monitoring and control of the system, leading to an automated waste water treatment plant.

Environmental Sensor

Our Environment is being polluted day by day. People start implementing measures to reduce the amount of pollution once they get to know the pollution concentration at their mere places. To serve this purpose, we aimed at getting a product that defines or gives an indication of the pollution extent and we succeeded. This Environmental Sensor product measures critical air pollutants and trace gases such as Carbon dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Particulate Matters and Weather parameters like Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Noise level. The acquired data is analyzed for drawing meaningful insights for better establishment of framework for regulations of critical air pollutants.